Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation

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Substation type Step voltage regulator
Single phaseFOR up to40.5kV SYSTEM


The RVR-1 type feeder automatic voltage regulator is actually a single phase oil immersed auto-transformer with RVR controller and gathering sampling of voltage ¤t signal, on load tap charger controlling device to achieve gird more efficient from adjust the load character by increase and decrease the voltage.

So This RVR is a transformer equipped with on load tap charger with RVR controller sampling voltage and current data and on load tap charger steps from current transformer and voltage transformer and limit switches.

Main Features

+The RVR-1 regulate distribution line voltages from 10% raise (boost) to 10% lower (buck) in thirty-two steps of approximately 5/8% each. Voltage ratings are available from 2400 volts (60 kV BIL) to 34,500 volts (200 kV BIL) for 60 Hz and 50 Hz systems.

+With RVR type Smart controller, a self-developed technology, GPRS/GSM, Blue-tooth.

+With self-protection LOCK-OUT functions: Line fault, Overload, OverCurrent, Under-voltage

+With adjustable voltage datum and step scope limit, step draw delay, data setting.

Standard Features

• Position indicator with ADD-AMP adjustment

• Control box

• Tap changer with motor and power supply

• Oil drain valve with sampling device

• Automatic pressure relief device

• Lifting lugs

• Nameplates

• High-creep porcelain bushings

• Oil sight gauge

• Pole mounting brackets

• Control cabinet with removable front panel

• Conformally coated circuit boards

• MOV-type external series arresters.

Structure of 32 step voltage regulator

Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation


1,Terminals block

2,High-creep porcelain bushings
3,Radiator group
4,Pressure relief device
5,Lifting lugs
7,Ground stud
8,Terminal box
9,The tap position indicator
10,Pole mounting brackets
11,SEL Smart controller
12,Oil drain valve with sampling devic

INSTALLATION of 32 step voltage regulator

A regulator can regulate a single-phase circuit,or three regulators connectedphase-to-phase in closed-delta, can regulate a three-phase,three-wire delta circuit.

Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation


Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation




Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation

The series winding on the input (source) side of the regulator allows all windings (control, shunt, and series) to be located in one coil. The load voltage is read directly by the control winding. The current transformer is a toroid, through which the load current passes. It furnishes a current proportional to load current to the line-drop compensator circuit in the control and to optional metering packages. Internal potential winding taps are provided on all ratings so that each regulator may be applied within a range of system voltages. All RVR-1 voltage regulators are equipped with a bypass arrester connected across the series winding between the source (S) and load (L) bushings. This bypass arrester limits the voltage developed across the series winding during lightning strikes, switching surges and line faults.

Tap changer of 32 step voltage regulator

Tap Changer
All RVR-1 regulators feature rugged gear-driven tap changers (Figure 5). The tap-changing mechanism and current-carrying contacts are designed to provide exceptional reliability and long service life exceeding one million mechanical operations. The tap changer uses an electric motor, gear train, and spring drive to provide quick, reliable operation. The switch is mechanically coupled to the external tap position indicator (Figure 3) to provide visual   

Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation

Step voltage regulator Control

5.SEL-2431(or RVR-1/3 Beierbian Group type) Voltage Regulator Control

Distribution Automation Ready. Interface with either on-the-fly settings changes over DNP, or master controller direct-operate interface.
Flexible Communications. Easily interface with your network with the Industry's most network connectable regulator controller.
Programmable Without a Laptop. Connect a USB flash drive to upload new settings, upgrade firmware, retrieve existing settings, or retrieve reports from the SEL-2431.
Expandable, Removable Memory. Connect a USB flash drive and enable Automatic Backup to write all common reports to the USB for long-term storage and easy retrieval.
IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasor Protocol. Identify connected phase of downstream voltage regulators by coordinating with sychrophasor measurements in the substation.

Step voltage regulator Single phase for Substation

In order to save cost, Customer can choose Beierbian Group Controller type RVR-1/3.



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