completely self protected transformer

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SCP series fully automatic protection pole mounted transformer, the transformer refers to pole-mounted transformer high side and low-side configuration with some protection components, so as to protect the transformer and network security. Fully automatic single-phase transformer on lightning protection, short-circuit and overload protection can play its own role, to protect the transmission and distribution lines not because of their own transformer failure caused by power outages.

Operating Environment

(1) Below an altitude of 2000m

(2) Ambient temperature: Max. temperature is +40℃ and the min. temperature is -25℃

(3) Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m/s

(4) Pollution grade: Class II

(5) Earthquake horizontal acceleration is not greater than 3m/s2, the vertical acceleration is not greater than 1.5m/ s2, and the safety factor is more than 1.67.

CSP Technology

CSP Technology

Rockwill equipped several components, in order to create the CSP transformer.These components when applied to the transformer during its manufacturing process, provide multiple layers of protection.


Outline drawing High Voltage Fuse

completely self protected transformer

Acts as over current protection by isolating the faulty transformer from the network. It is mounted inside of the transformer and it is connected between the incoming high voltage lead from the bushing and the high voltage line lead from the transformer primary winding.


Overload Indicator

completely self protected transformer

Provides visual indication of abnormal loading conditions. The signal light is mounted on the exterior wall of the transformer tank near the operating handle of the circuit breaker. The signal light is electrically connected to the signal light sensing circuit within the transformer.


Low Voltage (Secondary) Circuit Breaker

Provides secondary fault and overload protection. The circuit breaker is mounted inside of the transformer and it is connected between the secondary winding and secondary bushing, such that the current flows through the circuit breaker

Three phase Low Voltage Circuit Breaker in csp transformer

Three phase Low Voltage Circuit Breaker 

single phase Low Voltage Circuit Breaker in self protected transformer

 Single phase Low Voltage Circuit Breaker


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