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Container type unitized substation


Container type unitized compact substation

Container type unitized CSS compact substation is a complete type tested per latest IEC standard 62271-202 which is comprising a outdoor enclosure containing medium voltage (MV) switchgear, power or distribution transformers, low voltage (LV) switchboards, busbar or cable connections and auxiliary equipment to feeder elctric power by a step down power & distribution transformer from medium voltage systems.

The container type CSS compact substation is easy for transpotation and installation, high quality and strong enough for loading and lifting.


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main characters

operation Condition:
Operation temperature:-25℃~40℃
Average temperature:≤30%month,20%/year
Wind velocity:≤30%/sec
duty level :3
Earthquake :Horizontal≤30%m/s2,Vertical≤30%m/s2
Protection degree:IP30

Characteristic &Structure Features:

·Two types of box-type transformer substation,corridor type and non-corridor type,welded frame by excellent

·Anticorrosive steel,hot-galvanizing steel base;

·box-type transformer substation has 3 parts,HVcabinet,transformer cabinet.layout maybe customized.

·two-layer roof with air inside to prevent temperature rising effectively

·natural air cooling,optional forced air cooling,optional automatic anti-congeal equipment

·different type od load switch and fuse combination to protect the transformer

·terminal power supply,ring supply and double power supply.

·welded body of LV cabinet,screen type nameplate.

Circuit Schemtic Diagram

12kV/24kV/36kv Prefabricated Substation


YB() series products is a kind of set of equipment which assembles the MV switch apparatus, transformer, LV distribution equipment together according to fixed connection scheme. This series substation is suitable for neighborhood unit, hotel, large-scale work site and high building that the voltage is 12kV /24kV/36kV/40.5kV, the frequency is 50Hz and the capacity is under 2500kvA.

Service environment

a) Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +40℃; Minimum temperature:-25℃
b) Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .
c) Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
d) Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.
e) No frequent violent shake

Main technical specifications

Name   Unit   HV equipment   Transformer   LV Equipment  
Rated voltage   kV   12/24/36   (12/24/36)/0.4   0.4
Rated current   A   630 3/75-150/3750 Less than 4000
Frequency   Hz   50
Rated Capacity   kVA   50-2500
Pfr withstand   kV   42/50/70/95 2.5
BIL   kV 75/125/170/185  
Crust Protection Grade     IP23 Oil type 55; dry type 65 IP23
Noisy Grade   dB      
Appearance Dimensions   mm According to primacy wiring circuit schema
HV Room   LV Room Transformer Room


Main Designation Characteristics

The crust of the substation is designed according to the foreign advanced technology and physical reality. We provide many kinds of crust material such as aluminum alloy steel composite stainless steel board and non metal material(glass fiber).

The HV side use charge switch or vacuum circuit breaker. The transformer could be oil type hermetically-sealed type and dry type.

The proof of the box is double layers structure and between the layers is filled with foam. There are independent boards in HV and LV room, and in the transformer room will install auto thermal controller heater and cooling equipment.

Note: we offer special customized products according to client’s requirement.

36kV/40.5kV Prefabricated Substation

36kV/40.5kV Prefabricated Substation Characteristics

This type substations are the HV side 40.5 kV, LV side 0.4-12 kV and 3 phase outdoor completeequipment .It is wide used in cities , towns ,factories and oil fields, wharfs etc. It is also used insome construction sites. The characteristics are small volume, convenient installation, low cost,high automation safe and reliable operation. Substation is combined with HV switch room,LVswitch room, relay room and transformer room.


Main technical specifications for 36kV/40.5kV Prefabricated Substation



HV equipment


LV Equipment

Rated voltage





Rated current


Less than 1250


Less than 4000




Rated Capacity



Pfr withstand








Crust Protection Grade



Oil type 55; dry type 65


Noisy Grade





Appearance Dimensions


According to primacy wiring circuit schema

36kV/40.5kV prefabricated transformer substation


Main Primacy Wiring Circuit Schemas for Substation(40.5kV)

Note: we offer special customized products according to client’s requirement.

Underground Prefabricated substation

This equipments also belong to this Prefabricated substation category with a compact and special function of HV, LV and Transformer are all underground. People can enter into it through a well.

This substation is suitable for installing in square seeded strip and park The clients can choose half-buried type or whole-buried type.

Sketch map of half-buried substation

Sketch diagram of whole-buried substation

Miniaturization Intelligent Prefabricated Substation

Miniaturization Intelligent Prefabricated Substation

This series pre-fabricated substation uses imported SF6 ring switch as its HV incoming and outgoing network realized the power ring system easily. And the substation selects integrated automation system which can realize unattended mode.


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