Compact Substation from 3.3kV up to 52kV

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12/35 Kv
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Beierbian Brand Compact Substation

- The compact substation is pre-designed, prefabricated substation i.e in short CSS.

- The compact substation is used for feeder power which required a  minimum space, It is easy to install, usually mounted on skid frame or channels with lifting hooks or portable trolleys as per customer demand.

- It's a total considering idea of designed for a saftey operation, convenient transportation, and efficient installation. as Per IEC 61330 standard.

- It's total a cost saving solution for fast project demand.

- Beierbian pre-fabricated substation i.e Compact substation is comprising of main:

>>> Outdoor enclosure

The design of the IP class of The outdoor enclosure of compact substation can be standard IP 23 up to IP43 , which is accordance with IEC 60529 Standards.

Beierbian is also offering with IP 54 or higher IP class according to special requirement.

About material of Outdoor enclosure, there is many choice like: Stainless steel, Normal steel, Composite NONMETAL,ETC...

The colors of Outdoor enclosure is also optional, like: Grey, Green, Blue,etc.

>>> a High voltage (Medium volatge) switchgear.

Usually, the current rating for load less than 600A and Ist is not exceed 21kA, we can use RMR type ring main unit at high voltage incomer side.

or some arket prefer use secondary switchgear like SM6 or uniswitch, etc...

For special requirement, we can choose R-GIS type switchgear or primary swwitchgear like KYN28, KYN61 or equal,etc..

>>> a Power transformer & distribution transformer

Oil immersed distribution transformer up to 2500kVA, Power transformer up to 6300kVA. With conventional type transformer, plug in bushing type transformer , terminal box type transformer,etc.

Dry type cast resin transformer up to 6300kVA.

>>> a low voltage switchgear

MCC panel

Fixed type LV switchgear

Fixed type fuse-gear

Communication panel

>>> other accessories like: UPS, Cables, connectors, Busbar, Air conditioner, Fans,etc..

Main Designation Characteristics

The crust of the substation is designed according to the foreign advanced technology and physical reality. We provide many kinds of crust material such as aluminum alloy steel composite stainless steel board and non metal material(glass fiber).

The HV side use charge switch or vacuum circuit breaker. The transformer could be oil type hermetically-sealed type and dry type.

The proof of the box is double layers structure and between the layers is filled with foam. There are independent boards in HV and LV room, and in the transformer room will install auto thermal controller heater and cooling equipment.

Note: we offer special customized products according to client’s requirement.

What CSS compact substation Beierbian make?

Beierbian offer varity type compact substation from 3.3kV up to 52kV.

The capacity of CSS up to 6300kVA.

Moreover, the capacity bigger than 6300kVA prefabriated substation is another type, we call it mobile substation or container substation, or Vehicle substation,etc...


Miniature substation, CCS substation, Compact Substation,Unitised Substation,Package Substation,Koisk substation.
All CSS can be equiped with Oil Type & Dry Type Transformer.
HV Voltage Ratings are 2.4kV,3.3kV,6kV,6.3kV,10kV,11kV,13.2kV,13.8kV,14.4kV,15kV,20kV,22kV,23kV,30kV,33kV,34.5kV,35kV

Capacity rating are 100kVA,125kVA,160kVA,200kVA,250kVA,315kVA,400kVA,500kVA,630kVA,750kVA,800kVA,




How many countries CCS made by Beierbian is running ?

CCS substation runs in:

Africa: such as Nigeria,TOGO,Uganda,Zambia,Tanzania,Ethiopia,Mozambique,DRC congo,Congo,Cameroon,Cote d'Ivoire,Algeria,Angola,South Africa,Kenya,etc....

Asia and America countries: China,Indonesia,Cambodia,Vietnam,USA,Philipines,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Mongolia,Iraq,Yemen,etc....

MV switchgear brand selection

What brand MV switchgear in Rockwill's CSS substation??

>>> Per IEC62271-200 standard, Quality warranty 5 years, design using life 30 years.

>>> Rockwill brand or ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Eaton, etc.

>>> Special requirement is welcome.

Compact Substation from 3.3kV up to 52kV

Power transformer brand selection

What brand transformer in Rockwill's CSS substation??

>>> Per IEC60076-1 standard, Quality warranty 5 years, design using life 30 years.

>>> Rockwell Transformer brand or ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Eaton, etc.

>>> Special requirement is welcome.

Rockwell transformer Co.,Ltd. offer an environmentally responsible, high efficiency, safer choice. The units have high-fire-point fluid, providing fire safety benefits, and a projected life well beyond that of a traditional mineral-oil transformer. These efficient and cost-effective transformers use Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid. Envirotran transformers are manufactured in 50 - 10,000kVA, in primary voltage classes of 11kV,15 kV, 24 kV and 36kV.



Primary Voltage

Up to 34,500 V

Secondary Voltage

208-14,400 V

Compact Substation from 3.3kV up to 52kV

Low voltage switchgear brand selection

What brand LV switchgear in Rockwill's CSS substation??

>>> Per IEC62271-200 standard, Quality warranty 5 years, design using life 30 years.

>>> Rockwill brand or ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Eaton, etc.

>>> Special requirement is welcome.

Compact Substation from 3.3kV up to 52kV

SCADA system

If Rockwill's substation is ready SCADA capable??

>>> Refer to Rockwill Group's Distribution Automation system

>>> Offer special function requirement personally

Other type unitized substation

What Other type substation does Rockwill make??

>>> Mining substation

>>> Unitized skid substation

>>> Package substation

>>> Mobile substation

>>> Padmount transformer substation / ANSI standard US substation

>>> Mini substation / Miniature substation

>>> kiosk substation

>>> Portable substation


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