AC Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Power Stations, Substations, Industrial and Mining
ISO9001:2000, CCC
Low Voltage Switchgear
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AC Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

Technical Specification:

No Item Unit Parameter
1 Rated voltage V 380
2 Rated current A 1000
3 Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 15
4 Rated short-circuit withstand current KA 15

KA 30
No Item Unit Parameter
1 Rated insulation voltage V 660(1000)
2 Rated main circuit operating voltage V 380(660),220,24
3 Rated auxiliary circuit operatingvoltage V 220,110
4 Rated frequency Hz 80(60)
5 Horizontal bus rated current A 4000
6 Vertical bus rated current A 1000
7 Rated peak withstand current KA 105(1760)
8 Rated short time withstand current KA 50(80)
No Item Unit Parameter
1 Rated operating voltage V 380
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated insulation voltage V 660
4 Auxiliary circuit insulation voltage V 380
5 Rated impulse withstand voltage KV 6
6 Rated short time withstand current KA 30
7 Rated peak withstand current KA 63
8 Rated current of the distribution bus A 1000
9 Rated short time withstand current 1s KA 80
10 Enclosure rating   IP30

Product Specification:

Current Voltage 380V
Rated Current  3150A
Working frequency 50HZ
Current AC
Altitude ≤2000m
Ambienttemperature -35ºC-+40ºC
Seismic Capacity 8 degree


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