Manual operation load break switch

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Manual operation load break switch

RPS type pole mounted SF6 gas type load break switch is equipped with very simple and reliable mechanism with is operated by a single spring rotate type mechanism, which we call it manual type.

It is a used for switching on/off on load line with E3 a 6000 times duty, and type tested under KEMA lab by IEC62271-103 standard.

The type LBS is now widely running over world.

● Summary

Beierbian ® Electric strives to bring our customers the latest technology and competitive pricing and best service for distribution automatic.
RPS is an SF6-insulated, outdoor pole mounted load break switch family for overhead lines and specifically designed for use in modern remote controlled distribution automation systems. The RPS offers reliable maintenance free operation even in the most demanding climatic conditions including salt laden atmospheres, corrosive industrial pollution, snow and ice. It has excellent load breaking and fault making capacity and satisfies the isolation requirements specified for load break switch. The earthed metal tank prevents all possible leakage currents across an open switch. RPS can be manually operated or motor operated for local and remote electric control, upgraded.

● Service environment
1.Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +85℃; Minimum temperature:-45℃
Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .
Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m or more higher.
Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc. No frequent violent shake

With optional classes for rated current range:
--Type RPS 15, Rating6-20 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;
--Type RPS 27, Rating22-27 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;
--Type RPS 38, Rating30-40.5 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;
With optional classes for different grid application installation:
Section function (Section)
50 Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(P.OC)
51 Phase Time-Overcurrent(P.Fast curve/P.Delay curve)
Overload (N.Fast curve/N.Delay curve)
50N Residual Ground Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(G.OC)
51N Residual Ground Time-Overcurrent (G.Fast curve/G.Delay curve)
50SEF Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF)
51c Cold Load(Cold load)
TRSOTF Switch-Onto-Fault(SOTF)
59 Over Voltage(L.Over volt)
27 Under Voltage (L.Under volt)
Monitoring Functions:
Primary/Secondary Phases and Earth Currents
Primary/Secondary Line and Phase Voltages
Apparent Power and Power Factor
Real and Reactive Power
Historical Demand Record
Positive Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Negative Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Zero Phase Sequence Voltage
Binary Input/Output status
Trip circuit healthy/failure
Time and date
Fault records
Event records

Manual operation load break switch

●Time-Overcurrent Curves

The following information describes the curve timing for the curve and time dial settings made for the time-overcurrent elements The time-overcurrent relay curves in conform to IEEE C37.112-1996 IEEE Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays.

IEC Curves:
Manual operation load break switch


C1 (Standard Inverse) 

C2 (Very Inverse) 

C3 (Extremely Inverse) 

C4 (Long-Time Inverse) 

C5 (Short-Time Inverse)

U.S. Curves:
Manual operation load break switch


U1 (Moderately Inverse) 

U2 (Inverse) 

U3 (Very Inverse) 

U4 (Extremely Inverse) 

U5 (Short-Time Inverse)

● PC software for controller Testing, Setting, programing, Update.

Manual operation load break switch

Human friendship interface Programmable Time-Overcurrent curve

Manual operation load break switch

● RPS feature
The high quality 3 mm stainless steel are used for tank, which is designed for its maximum robustness and minimum welding line to minimize corrosion, and specifically to guarantee the safety of the operation personnel even with the internal arc faults at the maximum fault capacity of the tank the RPS can withstands an internal fault without venting hot gases.
The independent spring operation mechanism adopt Beierbian ® patent spiral spring, provides a guaranteed load break fault make capability by ensuring the opening and closing speed of the switch.
The RPS is provided with light reflecting position indicator which are directly connected to the switch operating shaft providing clear and unambiguous switch position indication. Indicator made of light reflecting material, which is easily visible from ground level even at night in driving rain.

● Main new advantages of RPS

Beierbian ® Supply special design manual closing device technology with own patent, It applied for normal and abnormal situation closing. It’s closing speed(time) comply with IEC62271-100.
This function can offset from magnetic actuator fault which when actuator can’t work will cause the major accident.
Corrosion resistant, Composite bushingManual lock-out mechanism (including hook stick) Reliable housing groundO/C indicator (made of light reflecting material), Operation counter, Gas density gauge which are easily visible from ground level.
Advanced and Integrated helium leakage detecting and filling equipment, which ensuring SF6 leakage of each switch is less than 0.1% strictly per year.
Motor drive, which easily retrofitted on site to manually operated units.

● Creepage Distances of RPS

Terminal to ground creepage 15kV BIL 95/110kV 27kV BIL125/150kV 38kV BIL 170/200kV
Composite bushing 564mm 840mm 1400mm
Porcelain bushing 556mm 708mm 1250mm

●Current transformer and Voltage sensor

Part Number RPS-15 RPS-27 RPS-38
Manual Motorize Manual Motorize Manual Motorize
Current transformer / 3 / 3 / 3
Voltage sensor / 3/6 / 3/6 / 3/6

Note: Current transformers and voltage sensors can be customized according to requirements.

●Standards for reference

IEC 62271-1 IEC 62271-102 IEC 62271-103 

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 103: switches for rated voltage above 1 kV up to and including 52 kV

Manual operation load break switch

Front: Color clear O/C indicator                  Rear:Highly reliable explosion-proof valve,Inflatable/deflation integrated device

Technical data of RPS LBS

Insulation level
Rated voltage kV 15 27 38
Power frequency withstand voltage, 50 Hz
- to earth and between phases kV 28 50 70
- across the isolating distance kV 32 60 80
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
- to earth and between phases kV 75 125 170
- across the isolating distance kV 85 145 195
Current ratings
Rated normal current A 400/630/800/1250
Mainly active load breaking current A 400/630/800/1250
Number of breaking operations CO times 400
Line-charging breaking current A 1 1.5 2
Cable-charging breaking current A 10 16 20
Earth fault breaking current A 50 50 130
Cable charging breaking current  








under earth fault conditions A 28 28 80
No-load transformer breaking current A  




Short-circuit ratings
Short-time withstand current, Ik kA/s 20 kA/4 s 20 kA/4 s 20 kA/4 s
Peak withstand current kA 50 50 50
Short-circuit making current kA 50 50 50
Number of making operations
- main switch 50 kA (CL E3) times 5 5 5
- main switch 31.5 kA (CL E3) times 10 10 10
- earthing switch 50 kA (CL E2) times 3 3 3
- earthing switch 31.5 kA (CL E3) times 5 5 5
Ambient air temperature limits  


Mechanical endurance (number of CO operations)
- main switch times 5000 5000 5000
- earthing switch times 2000 2000 2000
Filling pressure (+20°C) bar (abs) 1.4-1.5 1.4-1.5 1.8-1.9
Alarm pressure (+20°C)
- density switch bar (abs) 1.2 1.2 1.65
- density gauge bar (abs) 1.2 1.2 1.6
- low gas lock-out mechanism bar (abs) 1.1 1.1 1.6
Composite bushing kg 115 125 135
Porcelain bushing kg 125 135 155


Degree of protection of the mechanism box  



15kV load break switch

Manual operation load break switch

27kV load break switch

Manual operation load break switch

38kV load break switch

Manual operation load break switch

Mobile APP

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Setting & Modification Event Records

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●Master software for Distribution Automation Management

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