Three Phase Three Winding Power Transformer

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Dry-type Transformer
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ISO9001-2000, UL, ISO9001, CCC
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Three Phase Three Winding Power Transformer

Power transformer, Distribution transformer 11kV ,15kV,22kV,33kV  up to 25000kVA


1.1  IEC 60076 power transformer
1.2  GB1094.3,5-2003 power transformer ower transformer
1.3  GB/T6457-1999 3-phase oil immersed power transformer technical parameters and  requirement.

Product Description:

220kv on-load-tap-changing power transformer is made of high-quality silicon-steel sheets,and laminated by steps,it is advantageous in low loss,low noise ,low voltage partial discharge and  high anti short circuit  capacity.the dynamical and thermal stability of this transformer ,of which the coils are winded by high-quality oxygen-free copper wire as well as used pre-compressing brackets processes and interior and exterior structure.

1. Rated voltage:11kV,15kV, 20KV,22kV,30kV,33kV,34.5kV

2. Rated power:50kvA~25000kva

3, Two windings or three windings

4, On-load or no-load voltage tapping changer

5. Frequency:50HZ /60HZ

6. Vector group:Dyn11, Ynd11, Yna0d11 or others

7. Cooling:ONAN/ ONAF/ OFAF

8. Tap changer:7 levels; 13 levels; 17 levels etc

9. Rating plate:Yes (Beierbian Group brand or Customer brand)

10. Corrugated refrigeration panels:Yes ( Four sides of the transformer shell)

11. Parts:

1) Oil draining valve

2)Oil level indicator


4) oil conservator

5) Relay

Service environment

1.1 Type: Outdoor Type

1.2 Normal use Environment: Elevation less than 1000m;

  • Temperature Range :-25 °C---+40°C

1.3 Especial Environment: Elevation more than 1000m;

  • Temperature Range :-45 °C----+40°C- 220kv oil immersed power transformer

1.4 Installation Site: Nothing corrode air, noting obvious dirty mark.


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