RMR-40.5 Series Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

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RMR-40.5 Series Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit


RMR-40.5kV is completely insulated SF6 SAFERIN(hereinafter short as SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit)This product is in conformity with the standards the GB/IEC standard and the design of a high safety combined switch cabinets.

The system of RMR-40.5kV of combined switch cabinets can be divided into three kinds of unit cabinet:

3 position cable connection unit (Cable switch unit), additional live shows and configuration of surge arresters and grounding fault component. Code C

3 position switch and fuse tripping system and earthing switch interlock system fuse combined electrical unit (Fuse combination unit), additional live shows and configuration of surge arresters and grounding fault component. Code F

3 position switch and vacuum circuit breaker combined appliances unit (Vacuum circuit breaker unit), additional current transformer, live shows and configuration of surge arresters and grounding fault component. Code V

The combination of the current transformer and the microcomputer protection to constitute the basic circuit protection function.

Microcomputer protection using passive protection and CT electric no need of additional PT power supply


Reference standard:









Fuse combined electrical follow IEC 60420

VCB unit according to IEC 62271-100/GB1984-2003

Technical data

No Item   Unit Data
1 Rate voltage KV 36/40.5
2 Power Frequency with stand voltage Dry 70/80/95
Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage (peak value) 170/185/200
3 Rate current A 630/1250(C)
4 Rated short circuit breaking current(peak) KA 20/25(V)31.5F
5 Rated closed-loop breaking current A 630/1250(C)
6 Rated cable charging interrupting current A 50©
7 Rated line cable charging interrupting current A 10©
  Rated off circuit transformer breaking current A 16
8 Rated naking current(peak) KA 50(63/80)/2.5(main switch/grounding)
9 Rated withstand current(peak)
10 Rated short time withstand current 16/20/25/31.5
11 Rated short time withstand time S 3-4
12 Mechanical life times C/F(2000)V(10000)

Service environment

a) Air temperature: ±40℃; Daily average ≤25°C

b)Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 4000m

c)Wind: less than 35m/s;

d)Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;

dimension & function

Customized Panel View Type & functions W×D×H mm

Mainly for switching kiosk or

cable branch box




Extra bushing=140mm


Standard Panel View Unit C Standard Panel View Unit F Standard Panel View Unit V
500×950×1950 500(568)×950×1950 500(568)×950×1950


1, Unit V type LBS can be changed to be mounted on top for feeder cable outgoing system.

2, Unit V type incomer type with 3 nos VTs configuration width is 568mm.

3, Each unit can be connected with top busbar to be combined as Ring main unit


Standard economic type Ring main unit

Combination complete common gas tank CCF
Dimension 1500×950×1950

Other expanding configurations for reference

Vacuum circuit breaker unit for incomer using
Fuse combination for transformer protection using
Cable switch unit


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