Electrical SCB10/SCB11/SCB13/SCB15 Dry Type Power Transformer

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Core-type Transformer
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Dry-type Transformer
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ISO9001-2000, UL, ISO9001, CCC
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Electrical SCB10/SCB11/SCB13/SCB15 Dry Type Power Transformer

Electrical SCB10/SCB11/SCB13/SCB15 Dry Type Power Transformer

Electrical SCB10/SCB11/SCB13/SCB15 Dry Type Power Transformer

SCB Series of Dry Type Power Transformer:

SCB10 is three phase power transformer, dry-type, encapsulating high quality iron core and solid cast resin coils.

It is an upgrade from the previous SCB9. It has higher mechanical and electrical strength, better heat resistance rate and lower power loss.

SCB10 dry-type transformer is environment-friendly and most popular in global market, widely used in super mall, airport, office building, chemical plant and other places of strict requirement of fire-proof, explosion-proof and moistureproof.

Product advantages of Dry Type Power Transformer manufacture:

  • The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet, the surface is specially treated with protective resin, and full-inclined seam lamination structure is adopted.
  • The low-voltage coil is of foil winding structuremade of high-quality steel foil. The high-voltage coil is of layer structure formed by vacuum epoxy casting technique. Lowpartial discharge in similar product catalog;
  • This model features high mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance, good dust-proof and anti-fouling performance. Its service life is longer than other dry transformer.
  • The product's beautiful stainless steel shell is durable and can provide better protection for the electrified parts of the transformer. Itworks well outdoors.
  • With excellent moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant performance, the product is safe, fire-proof and pollution-free.It's especially suitable for working in extremely harsh environmental conditions, and can restart without drytreatment after shutdown.
  • Good heat dissipation performance and strong overload capacity enables it operate with higher capacitywhen forced air cooling.

Service conditions of Dry Type Power Transformer manufacture:

1. The maximum ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40 ºC, and the minimum shall be not below - 15 ºC;
2. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m. If special customized transformers and low-voltage components are used, the altitude can reach 4000m;
3. The vertical inclination is no more than 5 °, and no violent vibration and impact;
4. The air humidity is not more than 90% (+ 25 ºC);
5. Places without gas and conductive dust that will seriously affect the insulation of transformer, no explosion hazard and corrosion of electrical components;
6. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m / s.

7.If service conditions exceed the above, specially customized product is available with our company through mutual communication.

Transformer Structure of Dry Type Power Transformer:

Electrical SCB10/SCB11/SCB13/SCB15 Dry Type Power Transformer

Technical parameters of Dry Type Power Transformer:

Rated Capacity (kVA) Type Vector Group No-load
current (%)
Load loss (kW) short circuit impedance
30 S CB10-30 Yyn0 2.5 0.195 0.71 4
50 S CB10-50 2.2 0.275 0.95
80 S CB10-80 2.1 0.375 1.385
100 S CB10-100 1.9 0.405 1.58
125 SCB10-125 1.8 0.475 1.895
160 SCB10-160 1.8 0.55 2.14
200 SCB10-200 1.6 0.63 2.54
250 SCB10-250 1.5 0.73 2.77
315 SCB10-315 1.4 0.89 3.485
400 SCB10-400 1.4 0.99 4.01
500 SCB10-500 1.3 1.175 4.91
630 SCB10-630 1.3 1.36 5.91
630 SCB10-630 Yyn0
1.2 1.315 5.995 6
800 SCB10-800 1.2 1.54 6.99
1000 SCB10-1000 1.1 1.79 8.17
1250 SCB10-1250 1.1 2.115 9.75
1600 SCB10-1600 1 2.48 11.8
2000 SCB10-2000 0.9 3.36 14.535
2500 SCB10-2500 0.8 4.05 17.27


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