11kV 200kVA Distribution Transformer

Power, Power Transmission
Core-type Transformer
Cooling Method
Oil-immersed Type Transformer
Winding Type
Two-winding Transformer
ISO9001-2000, ISO9001, CCC, Kema
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China 11kV 200kVA oil immersed distribution transformer from Beierbian Group. Beierbian Group is committed to providing kinds of distribution transformers for clients with high quality and competitive price, and we are also support customization and OEM for our customers. If you have related needs, weclome to cooperate with us!


ITEM Technical Description Unit Technical Parameters
1 Description   Mineral oil immersed  breathing transformer  with conservator
2 Rated Power kVA 200
3 Rated Primary Voltage kV 11
4 Rated Secondary Voltage kV 0.4
5 Highest System Voltage – HV kV 12
6 Highest System Voltage – LV kV 0.44
7 Vector Group   Dyn11
8 Phases   3
9 Type of Cooling   ONAN
10 Type of Bushings   Porcelain
11 Frequency Hz 50
13 Winding material HV   Copper
LV   Copper
14 Impedance Voltage % 4
15 Maximum losses  at rated voltage and frequency: No Load W 520
Full Load W 2700
16 Temperature rise at rated voltage and power of: Windings 0C 65
Top Oil 0C 60
17 Tapping   5 Tapings in steps of 2.5%        (-5%,-2.5%,0,+2.5%,+5%)
18 Type of Sealing   Bolted
19 Lightning Impulse withstand voltage, peak kV 95
20 Power frequency wet withstand voltage kV r.m.s 28
21 Insulation Oil   IEC 296
22 Operating Temperature 0C -1 to 40
23 Relative humidity % 85
24 Colour   Avocado Green
25 Altitude above sea level(max) m 1400
26 Clamps for pole mounting Yes/No No
27 Pole platform mounting Yes/No No
28 Mounting holes Yes/No No
29 Fixing Holes Yes/No Yes
30 Skid Underbase Yes/No Yes
31 Jacking Pads Yes/No No
32 Surge Arrester Bracket Yes/No Yes
33 Lifting Lugs Yes/No Yes
34 Routine tests results/certificate to be provided on delivery Yes/No Yes
35 Previous type tests results/certificate to be provided with bid. Yes/No Yes
36 Quality assurance certificate to be provided with the bid. Yes/No Yes
37 PCB content
Attach certification.
38 Drawing showing dimensions of the transformer offered and arrangement of connections to be provided with bid Yes/No Yes
39 Applicable standards   SABS 780 IEC 60076


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