RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

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Rcs type Capswitch/Capacitor switch is a C2/C3 class special switchgear, Full complied with IEEE/ANSI C37.66 standard.

Beierbian offer you options:

Three phase solution,RCS-3N and RCS-3

Single phase solution,RCS-1


The main difference between RCS-3 and RCS-3N:

Standard RCS-3 capacitor switch is using magnetic actuator.

The normal economic type RCS-3N is using spring mechanism.


RCS-3N is upgarded type switch from RLW-24 and RLW-36 type vacuum load break switch.


The Beierbian new generation RCS capacitor switch is a long mechnical life design vacuum switch that provides an operational life of over 100,000 (30,000open/close) maintenance-free operations.

Using the RCS will result in substantial savings from reduced maintenance and maximized bank uptime and will also improve Power Quality.
The RCS all comply with relevant standards.

Using condition:

Ambient temperature: -40 ~+85 , day temperature  difference: 25℃;
Altitude:≤1000m area;
Wind speed no exceeds 35m/s;
No normally intensity vibration
No intensity erosion gas, medium place (for example acid, alkali, smother eg.)
Pollution class: IV class;
Charge temperature -40℃~+85℃。


With optional classes for rated current range:
Rated voltage: up to 38 kV.
Rated current: 200A up to 600A, Max 32.5 kA making capacity.
With 2NO/NC Auxiliary switch contacts prepared for wiring
Auxiliary switch, with 600 Vac(240Vdc) insulation level, and 7.5A carry current.
With high distance creepage
More than 1300 mm creepage distance


(*) is meant special for optional. When needed should discuss with our engineer.


With optional choice by Normal type and magnetic actautor mechanism.

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

With optional classes for rated current range:

For 11kV, with 600A, Max 32.5kA fault making peak capacity.

For 15kV, with 600A, Max 32.5kA fault making peak capacity..

For 27kV, with 600A, Max 32.5kA fault making peak capacity..

For 38kV, with 600A, Max 32.5kA fault making peak capacity .

With optional communication protocols & I/O port for user choice:

RS-232 and RS-485 ports supporting.

DNP3.0 communication protocol support(*).

Modbus communication protocol is optional(*).

IEC 60870-5-101 communication protocol support.

The Capacitor switch can communicate through GPRS(Or GSM) modem with English or

Chinese languege (*).

Note: (*) mean should customized by manufacturer if needed.

Accessories of RCS

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Upper terminal Insulator cover 3 pcs/set

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Lower expaning bushing 3 pcs/set


all above insulating components for BIL 170kV expanding using. Any question pls contact with our engineer.

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Upper terminal  3 pcs/set

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Lower termianl  3 pcs/set


Standard made of T2 copper material, for 630A rated current using. With expanding range.


Main new advantages of RCS capacitor switch

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch


Beierbian  Supply special design manual closing device technology with own patent,It applied for nomal and abnormal situation closing.

Its closing speed(time) comply with IEC62271-100(GB1984-2003 standard).

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

This function can offset from magnetic actuator

fault when ctuator can’t work will cause the

major accident..

Primarcy incomer terminal(directly connect to intterruter reduce power lost). Vacuum interrupter(Adopt the APG technology with external silicone rubber mold presure covering,increasing the whole insulation and weathering performance) Outlet bushing (external modular design easy for quality cotrol amd maintenanace).

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Appy ANSOFT design the high performance

magnetc actuator,high reliable and free mainten

-anace. Through 35,000 times opening reverse

excitation test, the demagnetization rateless than



Beierbian supply special patent modular design mono-stabletype magnetic actuator with two coils controlling.Its the best

design for vacuum RCS capswitch.

Technical data

No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 38
2 Capacitive switching current (A) A 200 up to 600
3 Rated frequency HZ 50/60
4 Dry Power frequency 1min Wet KV 95
KV 70
5 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)alternate, opposite/fracture KV 200
6 Rated short time withstand current KA 6.3/8
7 Symmetrical fault-making current KA 12.5/16
8 Rated peak fault-making current KA 32.5/40
9 Short time withstand peak current KA 32.5/40
10 Rated operating circulate   O-0.3S-CO-3S-C ( 3S minimum )
11 Single capacitor breaking A 630
12 Back to back capacitor bank breaking A 400
13 Mechanism life Times 30,000
14 Secondary loop 1 min power frequency withstand voltage KV 2.5
15 Auxiliary voltage V 110/200 AC/DC

Note: (*) is meant special for optional.you would discuss with our engineer if you need some electrical equipments exceeds the ANSI C37.66


Creepage Distances of RCS capacitor switch

Description 15kV BIL 95kV 15kV BIL 110kV 27kV BIL 125kV 27kV BIL 150kV
T to T* 406mm 960mm
T to G/E* 460mm 1020mm


T to T* -----Terminal to terminal creepage

T to G/E* -----Terminal to ground/earth creepage

Outline & Sizes for RCS

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

switch controller

Capacitor switch controller features

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

RWK-NCB Capacitor Switch controller Cooperate with Reactive power compensation device or manual operation,to implement the switch of the Capacitor.

The controller can record,self-inspection event,device start event,device action event.


Outline & Sizes for RCS capacitor switch controller

RCS-3N Capswitch Capacitor switch

Installation way for 27kV RCS capacitor switch reference.


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