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RPS type Pole-mounted load-break switch (pole-LBS) is a protective device for protecting power distribution system. It usually combines with automatic circuit reclosers (acr). It applies up to 36kV 400/630A, 50Hz pole-LBS associated with a smart sectionalizer controller. This is SF6 gas-insulated switch can corporate with the distribution automation system, and also isolate a faulted section of distribution line from the control center.

It is a simple pole-mounting arrangement contribute to quick and low cost installation, and the switch can be operated manually with a smart sectionalizer controller.

The smart controller is contained in a stainless steel cabinet for an all weather environmental conditions. Remote monitoring and control can also be provided mounting wire or wireless Modem in a cabinet.

Standard servicecondition

It shall be principal that this SF6 Gas Load Break Switch (Sectionalizer) shall be used in the following service condition;

Ambient temperature

Short period peak value: 50℃ average

Over a period of 24 hours: 40℃ lower

Limit over 24 hours: -25℃ relative

Humidity: 100%

Maximum altitude: 1000 meter


SF6 Gas Insulation

SF6 gas is a nontoxic, non-flame-able dielectric with excellent arc quenching property.

Bushing Versatility

In addition to the standard porcelain bushing, a variety of options are available including elastomeric insulator over epoxy apparatusbushing.

Visible Open/Close

The color coded main contact position indicator(green-open, red-closed) is easily visible from the ground. the indicator is connected directly to the main contact drive shaftass embly assuring accurate contactsstatus.

Quick Operation

Spring charged operator is being utilized compression spring to assure quick make and quick-break operation.

Remote controllable

Electronic controller is available offering local operation or RTU-interface for masterstation control.

Robust Switch

The switch is manufactured from robust, corrosion resistant, proven materials to ensure long service life and also capable of an number of operations which is an ideal characteristic for pole-mounted equipment.


Every switch is factory filled, hermetically sealed and production tested according to IEC 60265-1(1988) prior to shipment.

Technical data

Descriptions rating
rated volatge 12kV/24kV/36kV
rated current 630A
rated frequency 50Hz
rated short-time current 20KA(r.m.s),4 sec
rated making current 50KA(peak), 3 times
load current breaking 400/630A,30 times
cable charging current breaking 25A,10 times
line charging current breaking 1.5A, 10 times
magnetic current breaking 22A, 10 times
No Voltage Breaking Main Contact 5000 times
Ground Contact 2000 times
Operation timings Closing Time <1.0 sec.
Opening Time <1.0 sec.
Power-frequency withstand voltage Dry Condition,1 minute 50kv/60kv/85kv
Wet Condition,10 seconds 34kv/50kv/70kv
Impulse withstand voltage (1.2x50μs) 95kv/150kv/170kv
Controller Rated Voltage 1ǿ 220V 50Hz
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 2 kVrms, 1minute
Impulse Withstand Voltage (1.2x50μs) 6 kVpeak

Types and Ratings

Bushing Type Terminal Type Rated Current
Porcelain bushing Lug terminal Conductor: 125㎟ Pt 400A
Conductor: 200㎟ Pt 630A
Mold cone Conductor: 125㎟ Pm 400A
Conductor: 200㎟ Pm 630A
Polymer Rubber Bushing Lug terminal Conductor: 125㎟ Rt 400A
Conductor: 200㎟ Rt 630A
Mold cone Conductor: 125㎟ Rm 400A
Conductor: 200㎟ Rm 630A

Note:Clearance copper terminal without cable section is 240 mm2

Types of LBS

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer
Fig.1) Porcelain Bushing – Mold Cone
rubber bushing sf6 sectionalizer
Fig.2) Rubber Bushing – Mold Cone
Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer
Fig.3) Rubber Bushing – Lug Terminal
auto sectionalizer with surge arrester
Fig.4) LBS with Surge Arrester
porcelain sf6 sectionalizer
Fig.5) porcelain Bushing


Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

1.Trip handle;2.Operating handle;3.Indicator;4.Earth terminal;5.Lighting lug;6.Safty-protection cover;7.Gas filling value;8.Indicator;9.Operating COUNTER

LBS Main Body

SF6 gas insulated switch is a three-phase gang-operation switching device designed for cable and overhead line sectionalizing applications on distribution systems, being operated manually at site or remotely from control center.Switch tank shall completely sealed by welding and/or rubber -seal gasket, and all components shall be assembled in a welded stainless steel tank.Switch tank shall be designed to withstand internal pressure without affecting the performance ofthe switch. The enclosure of tank is used of the material of the cold rolling stainless steel of over 3mm (STS304L) or more than equivalent to be able to endure against inner gas pressure and is treated for completely anticorrosive by coating of resin over the enclosure.And the enclosure is the rustless structure by separating bottom side over 10 mm from ground.

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Fig. 6) Temperature-pressure characteristic curve

SF6 gas used for Pole-LBS is high-pure products and is designed and manufactured to keep below 1,000ppm for water content in gas of main body during loaded current switching.Considering application temperature range and gas leakage of gas in Pole-LBS, rated pressure,maximum pressure, maximum guaranteed pressure and gas pressure drop locking pressure are asshown in attached
The factory built-in accessories
Manual operating handle
The LBS is to be safely and easily operated by hot stick for high voltage, and is the structure being completed the on or off by one time operation.

auto sectionalizer manual operating handle

Dwg.1) Manual operating handle

Safety lock device
It is possible to lock the operation apparatus in the position of On or Off, its structure is impossible to electrically and mechanically operate to on or off position in case of locking.

sf6 sectionalizer lock device

Dwg.2) Safety lock device


Contact position Indicator
The color coded main contact position indicator(green-open, red-closed) is easily visible from the ground

sectionalizer contact position indicator

Dwg.3) Contact position Indicator

Low pressure warning device
The automatic locking apparatus is equipped to be impossible for electrical and mechanical On-Off operation in the state of causing a risk when On-Off operation due to the pressure drop(0.4~0.7 ㎏/㎠.G) and there is the indicator being able to easily certify by the operator

sectionalizer low pressure warning device

Dwg.4) Low pressure warning device


High pressure release device
The gas release apparatus with the structure preventing the demolition of the tank for the safe of operator and common people and that the inner apparatus is not spread to outside in case of sudden rising of the inner gas pressure of the main body due to the internal trouble is equipped.

sectionalizer high pressure release device

Dwg.5) High pressure release device

Gas filling valve
The valve is equipped to instill gas in the tank of the main body

sectionalizer gas filling valve

Dwg.6) Gas filling valve

Grounding Terminal
Its structure is easily connect with the copper cable of 22mm² ~ 38mm² without the extra auxiliary clamp

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.7) Grounding terminal

Lifting lug
The four (4) Handle for transportation are installed on the upper side of the main body

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.8) Lifting lug

Polymer Rubber Bushing

Gas insulated LBS/SectionalizerGas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Fig.7) Rubber bushing                             Fig.8) Rubber Terminal & Rubber Mold-cone

The material of the bushings is as of the epoxy and EPDM rubber or porcelain.
Features of the epoxy and EPDM rubber
- Light weight and easy to handle.
- Unbreakable.
- Integrated design with moldcone.
- Excellent Mechanical Strength.
- Self cleaning function.
- Short installation time and maintenance.
External connection terminal
The insulated cable for high voltage that has the flexibility and weather proof for the mold conelead wire method is used, the nominal area and composition of core are over 125 ㎟(159/1.0) for 400A and over 200 ㎟(19/14/1.0) for 630A, and the length required is over 2m.In case of the terminal type, allowable current for sectional area of the conductor is 630A.


Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.9) Operating Mechanism

LBS Controller

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer


The control box shall be manufactured by using stainless steel plate over than 1.5mm thickness and shall have the installing clamps to easily install at the concrete pole;The controller can operate the pole-LBS by locally or remotely;The controller monitors the SF6 gas pressure of pole-LBS.If gas pressure falls below a pre-set threshold(0.4-0.7kg/㎠.G), then an SF6 low pressure red lamp is lit on the local panel, and electrical and manual operations are locked out. The control box contains the following operation and display device

Operation switch: Close, Open

Operation selecting switch: local/remote

Operation locking switch: Lock/unlock

Rechargeable battery test terminal and test switch

Lamp test switch

Control power switch (on/off) and fuse


- Display of main contact condition: close(red), open(green)

- Display of locking for low gas pressure

- Display of locking for switching operation (Control box/main


- Display of condition of recharging part and rechargeable battery

The rechargeable batter and charging devices are as follows Rechargeable battery for control power

- This is DC 24V and rechargeable. This makes more than 50 switching operations by just recharging once and contains the rechargeable battery, which has capability that lasts more than 24hour control under failure of AC power.

Rechargeable battery and charging device

- The recharging current necessary for the battery by ambient temperature is controlled automatically. It contains protection circuit from the over-charge and over-discharge. Test terminal of rechargeable battery

- Terminal for test and the display of charge condition of article are equipped so that the conditions of the battery voltage and of the charging device can be checked under loading/unloadin




Connecting diagram

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.10) Connecting diagram on the lug terminal

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Type #1) Insulation Piercing Connector

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Type #2) Compression Sleeve


Detail drawing for Pole Mounting Bracket

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer



Connection of the cable to the switchgear

Switch Mounting and Dimensions (Automatic Type)


Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.11) Switch Mounting and Dimensions

Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer

Dwg.12) Switch Mounting and Dimensions



Surge Arrester

Overview and Dimension


Gas insulated LBS/Sectionalizer



Rated Arrester Voltage

12 kV

Nominal Discharge current, 8/20 μs

5 kA

Max. Continuous Operating Voltage

10.2 kVrms

Residual Voltage, 8/20 μs

40.6 kV (at 5kA)

High Current Withstand, 4/10 μs

65 kA

Applicable Design and Test Standard

IEC 60099-4


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