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The AB-3S-40.5 series circuit reclosers are recently-developed pole-mounted intelligent vacuum circuit reclosers of a new generation, which absorb the advanced domestic and foreign technologies adopted by our company. It is intelligent, energy-saving, environemntally-friendly and maintenance-free.

This product integrates such functions as control, protection, measurement, fault positioning, online monitoring and synchronous closing. With full functions and high digitalized and intelligent degree, it is a best choice for power distribution equipment network automation and intellectualization process.

This product conforms to IEC60044-1, IEC60060, IEC60068-2, IEC60099-4, IEC60255-27, IEC60270, IEC60280.1, IEC60529, IEC60694, IEC60815-1, IEC60870-5-101, IEC61000-4, IEC61243-5, IEC62271, standards, etc.

Major Technical Parameters are shown below:

Rated voltage 24 kV
Rated current 630/1,250A
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated short-duration (1 min) power frequency withstand voltage 65/79 kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current 25/31.5 kA
Rated short-duration withstand current (4s) 25/31.5 kA
Rated lightning impluse withstand voltage(to earth/break) 125/145 kV
Rated short-circuit making current (peak value) 63/80 kA
Rated peak withstand current 63/80 kA
Rated short-circuit current breaking times 30 times
Mechanical service life of vacuum circuit breaker 20,000 times
CT transformation ratio 600/1 or 1,250/1
Rated operating sequence of circuit breaker O-0.3s-CO-3s-CO-3s-CO-Lockout *
Total weight 200+25 kg

Using Environment:

Description Unit Using Environment Value
Surrounding Air Max Temperature ºC +75
Min Temperature -50
Max Daily Temperature Difference K 30
Altitude m ≤3,000
Solar Radiation Intensity W/cm2 0.1
Pullution Class   IV
Icing-Thickness mm 10
Humidity Average Value of Daily Relative Humidity % ≤100
Average Value of Monthly Relative Humidity ≤95
Earthquake Torelance Ability Degree ≤8


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