12kV Auto Recloser

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12kV Auto Recloser


12kV Auto Recloser is a outdoor distribution equipment with AC 50HZ,rated voltage 12KV and three-phase ac. It is mainly used for open circuit power distribution network and close the load current, overload current, short circuit current in power system.It is suitable for the transformer substation and factory power distribution system for protection and control use. Especially suitable for urban power grid and rural power grids.

Service Condition

1. Ambient Temperature: -40ºC~+65ºC,daily temperature≤25ºC;
2. Altitude: ≤2000m
3. Wind speed: ≤35m/s
4. Earthquake intensity: ≤8
5. Anti-fouling property: IV level
6. Installation site: Not putting inflammable, explosive, chemical corrosion.

Technical Parameters

NO. Item Unit  Numeric
1 Nominal  Voltage KV 12
2 Rated  Frequency HZ 50
3 Rated  Current A 630/1250
4 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current KA 20
5 Rated  Stability rated  current KA 50
6 RMS/Rated the rmal stabilization KA/S 20/4
7 Mechanism life Times 10000
8 Rated short-circuit closing breaking Number Times 30
9 Rated operating sequence   O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
10 Rated breaking current number Tmes 10000
11 Rated short-circuit close-open current KA 50
12 1min Power-frequency withstand Dry KV 42/48
Wet KV 34
13 Lighting impulse withstand voltage(Peak Value) KV 75/85
14 Secondary circuit 1min Power-frequency withstand KV 2


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