HXGN-12 type switchgear

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HXGN-12 type switchgear


HXGN-12 type switchgear

HXGN-12 type is a air insulated type design for secondary distribution application switchgear, HXGN-12 type switchgear is a econimic type design, which is equipped with SF6 gas load break switch and VCB or GCB.

HXGN-12 type switchgear is widely using in china market, which gain biggest market share in china. The similar type switchgear like: Uniswitch from ABB, SM6 from schneider, etc.


Normal service conditions
Ambient air temperature: 
Maximum air temperature: +40℃, 
Minimum air temperature: -15℃;
Altitude: ≤ 1000m;
HXGN-12 type switchgearHumidity:

Daily average value of relative humidity: ≤95%
Monthly average value of relative humidity: ≤90%
The ambient air is not significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and/or flammable gases, vapours or salt.


HXGN-12 type is very similar design idea as SM6 or Uniswitch, So we can call it as econimic type switchgear of SM6 or Uniswitch.

Thus, The technical parameter of HXGN-12 is as same as SM6 or Uniswitch at 12kV class.

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HXGN-12 type switch can not be used for 24kV system.


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